• All the benefits of the Nature for your VICTORY.

    ONPOK HEALTH is a line of food supplement that has been specially formulated to meet the needs of professional and non-professional POKER PLAYERS around the world

    Strategy, Skill, Control and Focus are only a few of the qualities required of good Poker Player whose aim is to achieve to most spectacular victories and to win the highest stakes. But such a level of mental skill and control can only be achieved if one is in perfect control of his body.

    Each Player should ask himself these 3 questions: Can you focus if you are Tired? Can you dare if you lack Energy? Can you take a risk without a strong Heart? The answers to these questions is brought to You by ONPOK HEALTH in the form of 5 PACKS, specially designed to help You to reach Your highest potential.

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    JETLAG Pack Fly across the world and arrive fresh, energetic and ready to win them all ! Traveling has its ups and downs and our body sometimes struggles with the changes in rhythm, lack of sleep, exhaustion and exotic food. The JETLAG Pack is your best travel companion. The JETLAG Pack : relieves sleeplessness and jetlag* helps maintain a healthy... JETLAG Pack Fly across the world and...

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    PERFORMANCE Pack Energy, Vitality and Strength Prepare yourself for each tournament by overcoming tiredness and lack of energy. The PERFORMANCE Pack contributes to your metabolic and psychological balance and helps boost up your energy by : reducing stress and frustration* relieving  the occasional sleeplessness* supporting  the body's normal elimination... PERFORMANCE Pack Energy, Vitality and...

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    COMPETITION Pack Prepare yourself for victory with our COMPETITION Pack Our COMPETITION Pack has the optimal combination of iron, calcium and fatty acid supplements in order to help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, as well as a healthy skeletal system.* It also helps to ensure sufficient vitamin and iron intake for your well-being.* * This... COMPETITION Pack Prepare yourself for...

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    DETOX Pack A powerful mind in a healthy body Speed up your metabolism and clear your body of toxins with the DETOX Pack, which : supports the body's normal elimination of toxins* helps maintain a healthy digestive tract* promotes normal liver function* * This statement has not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. This product is not... DETOX Pack A powerful mind in a...

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    BEAUTY Pack The beautiful winner A frantic lifestyle and bad eating habits can lead to unhealthy looking skin and hair. Taking care of our appearance is not only essential for the body but also for the mind ! Our BEAUTY Pack is designed to : maintain a healthy skin function* improve normal skin firmness and elasticity* promote healthy hair and nails* *... BEAUTY Pack The beautiful winner A...

    $ 71.94