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WSOP-E Berlin 2015:  » Pink Boa  » and Vincent Lahalle, hosts of ONPOK

While the team will be almost complete in the WSOP-E, except William Kakon, Guillaume  » Pink Boa  » Darcourt and Vincent Lahalle will be the « guests » of the team and will wear the colours of ONPOK with the same fervour!

It has been a few months now  that we haven’t seen Guillaume Darcourt  wearing a logo during a festival of international poker, nevertheless this will be the case during these WSOP-E in Berlin in which he will participate by wearing proudly the colours of ONPOK. During these World championships he will compete for the Event#6: No-Limit Hold’ em, the Event #8A: turbo No-Limit Hold’ em w/Re-Entry w/Re-Entry and the Main Event, and will try to bring back a title to the team who honours him with their invitation.


Paul-François Tedeschi and Guillaume Darcourt in HU during the High Roller of WPTN of Cannes 2014

The second guest of the festival will be the talented equestrian journalist, Vincent Lahalle, who is also an owner of horses and has a passion for poker. He will compete his first World championships and will show determination and envy, from the world of horses to that of poker, a competitor is always ready « to be the first one to cross the finish line »!

Vincent Lahalle, Crédit photo by Equidia

Vincent Lahalle, Crédit photo by Equidia

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