Guy Pariente: the founder of the brand ONPOK wanted to base it on three fundamental principles:-

  • Sport: The tournaments are competitions whereby participation in itself is already an important factor, thereafter comes the performance, the overtaking of oneself and the result which are undeniable factors of success and satisfaction.
  • Health: Essential engine of life and success: it is not possible to win lifelessly. ONPOK decided to create, on its website, an online shop to broadcast food complements specially conceived for the players during tournaments which have specific needs in term of concentration, “pure” energy, to fight against tiredness, to experience a sensation of muscular and cerebral goodness. Hypnosis is also another important factor, during the tournaments ONPOK will propose such kind of performances for the well-being of the competitors. To think of oneself, is to think of ones health, physical and mental preparation, it is to think of ONPOK.
  • Lifestyle: Its physical and strategic preparation thanks to the sports and technical coaching before and after the competitions, the competition requiring a knowledge and an essential knowledge in the performances.

SPORT, HEALTH, LIFESTYLE, three essential notions which strike the spirit, which makes everyone tempted to adhere to ONPOK, to this new vision established by Guy Pariente in the poker field, victory becoming more important than any thing else, sharing being the essential part of our creation, knowledge and health being ” the engine” of the “Formula 1 ONPOK!”