Paul-François Tedeschi, 25 , London

Having made the decision to finish his studies at the university as a non-professional when starting the Hold’Em, Paul Francois will end up involving himself fully in the world of Poker, the scores are already online for a while.

Paul Francois has already won $740 000 live foe example a 13th place at PPT in 2012, 6th place of the Main Event of WSOP-E in the same year, and several finals like that of WPTN Gruissan, the Unibet Poker Open Cannes or on different sides of EPT or WPTN festivals. In the year 2015, Paul Francois will win another extraordinary performance by being the best  in the ranking for a French player in the WSOP Main Event, finishing 161st for $46 890, enough to begin the adventure ONPOK the best ways.

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